New Home Page

For quite some time I have used Wordpress as the basis of my home page, I had three blogs that I wanted to join into one and Wordpress didn't offer any solution I liked. Being a programmer I took this opportunity to write my own lightweight CMS, Clojurescript on the client side and a Clojure backend to serve it.
So far I have mad support for pages, blog posts and galleries. They are all fetched by the client from the server with EDN encoded data. The client has has no access to update anything on the server, so should be quite secure.
With version management my thoughts were (and are) that GIT is superior to anything I would ever write myself, so no need to reinvent the wheel.
During some weeks I manually converted my old blog posts and galleries from the old blogs to my new system here. Quite time consuming, but now they are all here. Fine tuned my code along the way when I discovered new needs and bottlenecks. I was considering a more traditional categories and archive system, but instead opted for a tag cloud solution instead.
As for the future for my home page I expect to experiment with animated SVG, improve the gallery show, write more technical/programming blog posts, experiment with HTML5/CSS. One drawback with a single page application is that social media does not really like them, they don't execute the javascript, so shares does not look as nice as they could, also something I might look into... but I'm not that much into social media, so don't hold your breath.
2017-08-04Kenneth HedmanClojureClojurescriptEnglishprogrammingweb